God’s Godliness

I am often inclined to think of God and the belief in Him. (Let God be a He for the ease of writing) Do people really believe in God? Or, is He loved only for His power? Do we love him when we are in need or do we also know His needs? Does He need us? If we are supposed to be His children, then of course He needs us. If we really are His children, then why do we beg for things? Why not simply ask Him like you ask your biological dad? Time and again we have chosen to question the faith in Him.

If God exists, then why is the sinner happy and the innocent in pain? What ‘kind’ of pain are we talking about? Let’s jot down the plight of the mankind. A poor man works hard for earning money to support his family but another man snatches away the money from him. This man gets money without any toil whereas the poor man gets nothing. Both are the children of God. Now, whom should God be with? If you ask any common man/woman like me I will say let the thief be punished and the poor man get his money back. Is that what God will really do? Are your monetary needs more important than the love for God? You want His Godliness or His love? Will this love change if your children go to bed with empty stomachs? And, where is the justice? The thief got the money and I got God’s love and compassion. But does God have to prove His existence every time? Aah..we happened to forget that the thief is also His child. Plus, what if the thief too was in need? But he did choose the wrong way.

That one was easy. What if the thief takes life of a person and God gives no justice? Will you still love God? He could not prevent a wrongdoing from happening. He failed in sending the helping hand. In fact, He has kept the thief as happy as ever but the bereaved family is still suffering. No justice. No relief. No sympathy. God still exists? Fine, He doesn’t have to give evidence of His existence but He has to take the responsibility of His children. He has to play the father of all and in trying to not play down this role, he has to have ‘the power’. He has been so good to so many but failed to be the same to everybody.

If I believe in God, I believe in Him for everything in my life, for the good, the bad and everything in between these two. I will thank Him, blame Him and sometimes forget Him.

When He created the world, He knew He would be questioned recurrently. He wants to be our father and friend but we have made Him God. He wanted to be the rational father and we made Him the miraculous almighty.


11 thoughts on “God’s Godliness

  1. We all have questions,so did the angels when God told them of his decision to create mankind,to their questions.He simply said,’You don’t know what I know’.We are his supreme creation,He is watching us whether we are sleeping or awake.How He is dealing with right or wrong,I don’t know.But this much I know,He will take the evil ones to task in due course.We just have to be patient
    I liked reading your post,thank you.

  2. God…Not sure about him..A true agnostic that I am..
    But here is what happened…
    God made the world..God made the rules..And then decided not to interfere with it….
    Get the hint?

      1. Not sure about God..
        Religions m sure were man made..and I have a story for every religion that was formed..but I avoid putting it in a post…

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