The same old New Year

Last month, we slid into a New Year. When I was a kid, New Year continued to be new only till we got acclimatized to writing 2013 instead of 2012 in notes, letters and cards. I say this because me and my school-mates faced this difficulty at getting rid of the old year in our school notebooks. We would often dedicate one page from our notebooks for some crafty design to pry the pages used in the old year from those to be used in the new one. This bestowed us with a sense of pleasure and ushered in a competition among us to design the most beautiful New Year page with little independence in terms of colours and art. A compliment from a teacher would make for a prize. This would boost the creative intelligence into designing hand-made New Year cards.

I left school and also the madness of designing the New Year page. Then came the trend of New Year resolutions. I cannot recall any that I really made, though I decidedly thought of some, just to speak of one when asked by teachers and friends.

One crazy thing about the New Year that refused to leave me was the belief that things that you do on the first day of the year tend to cling to you throughout the year. This made me ensure that I was happy, did not rise before time, did not cry or fall sick, ate well, etc. The list would never end unless I term the day as the happiest and the perfect one.

This list registered some changes by shifting focus to more meaningful things as I grew up. Everyday errands made their way out of the list while things like wearing new clothes stayed in.

As time passed and I grew older, nothing remained new. Now, new year celebrations last just before the new year sets in. 31st of December is the night to celebrate by eating out with family and friends. The night becomes a night to remember. The madness that I clung to has now left me alone. The importance of the new year is limited to getting a day off from work, reading about how celebrities plan to have fun, going through the important events of the past year and avoiding to ponder at the goals to set for the upcoming year.


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