Happy Women’s Day

So the women of today! Here’s my tribute to all of you…

To all the ladies who are alive and those who waved goodbye from the womb,

To all those who grew up never above their brothers and those who were never allowed to,

To those who were never sent to school and those who are the pride of NASA,

To those who dared to fight when eve-teased and those who waited for the next time, 

To those who drained money to get married and those who endeavoured to drain social malice,

To those who were beaten by their God-personified husbands and those who obliterated enemies on the border,

To those who have succumbed to the atrocities of the world and those who are still battling,

It’s finally your day! Our day! Happy Women’s Day!

If you need statistics*:
(India, Year 2011)
8391 dowry deaths
42968 molested
35565 kidnapped and abducted
24206 raped
914 girl children per 1000 boy children

*And these figures account for only cases which were reported.


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