Adversity is your strength

I want to be like this tree, lush with leaves yet bowing with humility.
I want to be like this tree, lush with leaves yet bowing with humility.

There’s something beautiful about adversity. When you are in difficulties, you happen to stay humble and kind. You identify others’ difficulties, and that makes you God’s favourite.
Those who haven’t faced much of problems and challenges tend to mock at others, take pride in who they are and what they have achieved.

My failures have made me a better human being. In fact, it has helped me preserve the humanity I was born with.

Failure aids you in coping with other challenges in life. When it channelizes your attention to your interests, it encourages you to win and be more focused. You will have more epiphanies when you are in tricky situations.

Let others laugh at you. This will be one thing that you would never do to others. You would not give others what you have got from some really unkind people you have had to meet in your life. You would rather pass on this lesson of humanity and teach others not to do that to anyone.

When you are put into difficulties by God, He expects you to set an example of humanity by being human to humans.

If life has challenges for me, let me face them. If I win, I have taught others. If I lose,I have taught myself.


8 thoughts on “Adversity is your strength

  1. I agree, I think adversity is a necessary aspect of life if we want to experience growth and positive development. And good point about how God provides us with difficulties and then allowing us to overcome them. If he took away every challenge then we’d never learn how to solve problems and we wouldn’t get any stronger. The image of the tree full of leaves, but bowing humbly is very good.

    1. Thanks a lot.Every comment is a treasure here.I remember one experience we all have.When we are kids, our parents playfully toss us in the air only to catch us back. And we smile because we know that we are in safe hands.When we grow up God does the same thing to us and we frown.

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