No super heroes! Show me the real ones winning in the reel!

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Someone who grew up watching cinema can have certain expectations and choices about it. Children spend about 6 hours in school and the rest with the Television. The cinema heroes dictate their style and thought. Girls swoon over Shah Rukh. I am not a Shah Rukh fan, I like Anil Kapoor because by appearance, he resembles my dad. But I’m no Sonam Kapoor. I think I’m more than her giggles and much less than her remarkable fashion sense.

Anyway, by mentioning Anil Kapoor I’m reminded of his movie ‘Mr. India’ wherein he played the role of a guy with innocent looks whose scruffy house looked like an orphanage with more than a dozen nephews and nieces he was trying to foster. His character was that of an ordinary man with no extraordinary skills. The way he manages to fight his adversity and the way things turn from he being beaten up on the road, with not even a zilch of resistance from his side, to he smashing villains was, for me, not far from reality. He just received, from his uncle, a device that looked like a wrist watch but helped him become invisible whenever he wished to. This wrist watch made an entry into the movie by way of science. And science is rational. Isn’t it? The science, I believe, was that even kids understood its surrealistic presence in the film. I have no complaints. I enjoyed the movie. And now I find all that plausible.


Because the movie didn’t make Anil’s character a super hero. It didn’t suddenly generate 100 horse power of energy into his frail body to fight all the mafias, the hooligans and the shuddery Mogambo in Amrish Puri’s character. (By the way Puri has been a phenomenal actor! His acting doesn’t need a meaty role for the crutch.)

Today, we have plenty of super hero movies. Phantasmagoric…I am bored! Arguably, Salman Khan is to blame. I’m not sure if he started this trend, but he, definitely, can be accused of popularizing the 100 crore club trend. From his Dabangg series to his Ready to his Ek Tha Tiger to Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore, I see super men (the list is long, don’t forget Ghajini). The roles that the lead actors portray in these movies are larger than life and impossible to believe in. Not to mention that all of us enjoy the preponderance of the good over bad but can’t we accomplish the same with the tools available in the surrounding? All I mean is the natural, the reasonable and the rational. Is this too big to achieve?


Iqbal. This movie satiated my taste. A poor, deaf and speechless (I hesitate using the word dumb) village boy has only one asset in his personality. He knows how to play good cricket. The way he succeeds in making into the team is so believable that I get goose bumps when he plays the match. This is because, as a commoner, I can relate to him. All I feel is plain victory, not that joy, when I watch Salman Khan thrashing the evil guys in his Chulbul Pandey avatar in Dabangg.

Lage Raho Munnabhai was another realistic movie. The feats achieved by Munnabhai in the movie seem to be pragmatic. The Gandhigiri approach to solving problems was attractive.

Movies of today are becoming highly optimistic. Not real. Nariyal- Coconut- not as tough and strong as it appears. Hollow and shallow. Sorry for the poor joke, but I wish to see some real stuff now!


Movies and acting…


I watch some movies for the sake of art. I want to say acting. There are many good actors for the role of male lead and great ones for supporting roles. Let’s talk about the girls now. Tabu, Rani Mukherjee, Konkana Sen Sharma and the amazing Vidya balan, they are all so good and honest actors. There are some glamorous ones lacking sufficient acting skills though.

Katrina Kaif is angelically gorgeous. I watch her movies only to admire her looks. There’s nothing more to her. No wait! She has improved dramatically in the dancing part. She was amateurish when she came here and now, just look at her moves! When did she get the time to learn all those gracefully brave dance steps? I hope she learns dialogue delivery too.

I used to criticize Priyanka Chopra’s acting too, but Barfi melted my doubt in her. She showed an amount of talent in one movie that outweighs her talent from all other movies of her put together. I partly think that the credit goes to her role, for she had to throw out of her the ego and the pride of a Bollywood star. I expect some sincere acting from her sister now. That is Parineeti Chopra.

And then, there are many who are either learning or waiting for an ideal opportunity to showcase something other than just glamour and fashion. Seriously, Bollywood is biased about the male lead and it ornaments its movies by making heroines look like barbie dolls.

The real acting is supposed to be deceiving, it shouldn’t look like acting.


Didn’t know where to fit my Bollywood infatuation…

I do not watch many movies. I do not even know whom or what to blame. Any movie I plan to watch simply bombs at box office accompanied by bad critic reviews. Then my interest fazes out. My interest fades also when I’m not able to watch the movie in the first week of its release. I feel it becomes old. Not old enough to attract me with its old world charm. I watch many old movies on weekends because they have some sense of reality to them. Dull colours of walls and streets. Every movie of today looks like it was shot in either Shanghai or Switzerland. I have not been there, can’t identify with those colourful, bubbling-with-joy places fit for holiday destinations. (Bollywood shows families living in swanky apartments unable to afford a medical emergency that demands some Rs. 2 lacs, i.e. around $3500)  Hollywood? Yes I know a few names like Angelina Jolie, Pitt, Cruise, Megan Fox, etc., etc., I think I know more names than I surmised.


5 Writing Tips/Facts by a novice


It’s been two months I started blogging, and this was for the love of writing. Plainly and solely. I read daily and write weekly, rather post weekly. Here’s my experience in 5 short points:

  1. Writing was never about language and words: Those who think it’s their linguistic skill or wordplay that’s going to transform them into writers, are flatly wrong. Everybody is proficient in at least one language. It should mean that each one of them is a writer. Believe me, anybody can learn a language, cram the dictionary and put them down onto a paper. A writer doesn’t write words. A writer puts thoughts, ideas and feelings into words straight from the heart, not from the head. What follows is natural proficiency called art. Read as much as you can to improve the way you write, but during the process, never detach art from writing.
  2. Writeable to Readable takes time: When novels are written, they are not immediately published. They are reviewed time and again to evaluate their readability factor. Same goes with any piece of writing. You love to write, and that’s the reason why you write. An idea may be worth writing but yours is a writer’s view point. Readers might perceive it differently. The tip is: Write and forget. Read after a week. See if you enjoyed reading. Having said that, do not attempt writing from a reader’s perspective. Enjoy while you write. That’s it. Relax, it does take time. And the day will come when you won’t need to read your work. Simply write and publish! However, never take yourself for granted. You are a human.
  3. Read others: Whether you’re a blogger or a novel writer, never quit reading others. Time crunch. I’m aware. But others are not sitting jobless only to read what you’ve been writing. There are great ideas and thoughts available out there. You could find your inspiration too. It makes for a great assessment. You will know where you stand. THERE’S NO BEST WRITER.
  4. Never forget what made you: Absolutely. You can’t afford to lose humility. Humility has many lovers. Never sit on Mount Everest after folks have started reading you. Jump down from that cloud nine. It’s a dangerous place. Rain never warns you before coming. That cloud may burst anytime. Tip: Readers make you!
  5. Don’t let blog bog you down: One of the most important tips. In case you are a blogger, remember why you began blogging. Some blog to promote their writing, some as a pastime, some for fun and some for popularity. A few questions to ask yourself:
  • Is your blog becoming a facebook equivalent to you?
  • Are you consistently awaiting likes, comments, follows?
  • Why are you here?

Never let blogging bog you down. I began blogging for the love of writing. Is this sentence being repeated?

One more, you might feel it lacks sense, but avoid deleting your old posts. No matter how poorly written they are. It reminds you that you have to outshine them. What matters is GROWTH!

Cheers to writing!

When will you write the jailed thoughts?

Jean Simeon Chardin-The House of Cards

My fingers cling to quill,

And hand trembles,

I try to juxtapose words and words,

But my mind manages only grumbles.

Cuckoo’s croon becomes a cry,

Slippery gullet goes dry,

Thoughts dissociate and then on the head, one of them bangs,

The head, baffled, hangs.

A feeble sleep and exhausted lids,

Fight the indefatigable ideas with grit.

Ideas besmirched in black, white and grey,

Wanting to gush out from the jail, to me they pray.

My head is bethralled by termites

In the form of thoughts, dark and bright

That ask me,

When will I write…

To the supporters of current Juvenile law – India

When you disagreed to any amendments in the present Juvenile law of India, when you gifted the 17 years and 9 months old accused of 16 December, 2012 Case a pleasant stay (for a maximum period of 3 years) at the reformation home, you assured him that he is a kid and women, toys, and wished him an enjoyable playtime!!!

You have given him, and others of his age, a reason to repent on how they wasted the past 17 years of their life without any play.

Thoughts don’t let me sleep

The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau
The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau

My thoughts don’t let me sleep

On the bed I crawl and creep,

Trying to escape

But my thoughts run deep.

A transparent sheet of pain

That hugged my heart light,

Was adequate for peace to drain

And gift me a restless night.

I open my eyes, and then close

I curse the powerless me

Over my mind,

Not the life I chose.

Like a cardinal-red chenille of the velvet dress,

Like a drop from the agitated river,

Like a carnation-pink kite in the clear sky,

My thoughts are infamous vagabonds.

Now the cyber-yellow sun leaps over my eyes

And I realize,

The night was like a light year,

Yet my tired cilia needed more

When thoughts were about to depart from the shore.

What the lousy life gave me,

Snaffled the brave me,

Never was cracked a deal on sleep,

And my thoughts still run deep.

Why I won’t sign the ‘No Caste Reservation’ Petition…

This week, I received an email from a friend requesting me to sign a PIL that asks for cancellation of caste based reservations. Without giving it any second thought, I clicked on the link and signed my name. When it came to pushing the ‘submit’ button, my hand fell numb. My mind changed and I realized why I won’t be able to sign such a petition.

Read on…

Caste quota in India, that has benefited a great deal of people in getting admissions into premium colleges, blessed them with employment and inspired them in joining politics bringing them to the forefront, has shattered numerous dreams. I have heard of and known many who had to give up their dreams of getting into the college and studying the course of their choice. I know those who had interests in and were meritorious enough to pursue a course of MBBS but had to console their souls by taking up Pharmacy when they did not have the money to pay whopping donations nor the years to keep appearing for entrance examinations. And sadly, this happened when those with less merit and less interest got into the best of the institutions without any competition.

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There have been a plenty of bright, diligent and those who were both, who had to let go their ambitions and aspirations because we were reciting the chant of equality of castes. Every year, students with 70 % marks, 60% marks and sometimes 50% marks see doors open when all desirable doors are shut for those with 89% marks. Some of them decided to turn to other countries in order to follow their dreams.

Opportunities should exist for all, irrespective of marks. However, when we usher in the competition, let that remain fair.

When we speak of bridging the gap between high caste and low caste, what kind of equality are we trying to maintain? We are being plain unjust. Not all students falling into the low caste category need a reservation but all of them want. I refuse to believe that children born in a Dalit or a backward class family have any less efficient brain. And, do not put forth the point of their financial conditions, for we know how well they have been rising on that front. Many of them are much ahead of their high/general caste population. They have all the means to grow and get what they want. The irony is that they not only have seats reserved for them wherever they go, but are also provided low cost and no cost education.

I do feel agitated and angry about this but there’s a reason why my knees fall weak when standing against it.

The system of reservation is accountable for corruption. Given the easy lucrative opportunities it has to offer, forging of caste certificates is on the rise. Encouraging injustice and corruption is one more thing that this system has managed to succeed in. A system that doles out favours to you based on your birth is imperfect.

Fortunately, I have managed to survive without needing any reservation, so, I am probably not the right to person to tell the story. However, the angst persists and I’m sure millions will be ready to sign this petition.

Having vented my rants against the reservation, I still won’t sign this petition for the simplest of the reasons.

India is a country of villages. In our villages, the caste system bears an ugly face, to say the least. The population falling in the low caste category is deprived of education, employment and many times, the basic necessities of survival. This population still lives in poor conditions and faces the worst atrocities of inequality by its society.

It is pertinent that we bring them forward by encouraging them in the right way. Laws are written when people happen to ignore the unwritten rules and become inhumane. That’s exactly where we need reservation and that’s where gaps will be bridged without hurting others’ rights.

Follow this link to know what caste means in India and our thoughts will match.

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I hope I have answered my question. Any bill will have a domino effect. I doubt our system will take the pains of being selective in terms of cities and villages when passing a bill.

If the idea of giving a second thought to decisions is to be believed, I fall short of the courage that is required to sign such a petition. There’s nothing wrong in caring for the rights of our own people. This needs thinking and re-thinking by all sections of the society. On another note, I have yet to fathom what my choices would have been had I been sitting on the other side and whether my beliefs would have translated into actions.