10 things you envy women for

There are some situations where gender discrimination is a welcome for us. Here’s a look at  what leaves men envious:

From a man’s perspective:

  1. Women wear skirts and sleeveless shirts as formal clothing to office and you wonder why eyebrows are raised when you wear half-sleeved shirt on a Tuesday.

    Can you dare wear this to office?
    Can you dare wear this to office?
  2. From neon green to scarlet red, women dress in any colour just to wear their mood. Do you remember the last time you wore a printed purple? Yeah, the day when you were asked if you were heading straight to the beach.Photo credit: svpply.comPhoto credit: aliexpress.com
  3. During monsoons, they wear open feet sandals and sometimes plastic slippers to office and nobody cares. Imagine if you wear gum boots to office, they will stare you to death!
  4. These women, I tell you, they bump into the general compartment of the train and don their innocent faces expecting you to spring up from your seats and drop down to their feet. Aren’t they aware they have a ladies’ compartment to their name? I say bring me the creature who coined the word ‘chivalry’!!
  5. If train was not enough, they have sufficient number of seats reserved for them in the bus. But hey, look at the womanhood they portray by sitting anywhere but the seats reserved for them! They want you poor men to keep gazing at the empty ladies’ seats waiting for women, and only women, to occupy.Photo credit: memegenerator.net
  6. They have all the comforts for being punctual but they always show up late, and when they do, it’s implicitly understood by all that women have a home to take care of. And, when you are late to office, you are asked to JUSTIFY every nanosecond that added to your late coming.
  7. When a woman acts stupid, the world calls her cute. Come on, locking the door and forgetting the keys inside isn’t cute! When a man does the same thing he is branded a fool, an irresponsible man and an idiot.
  8. Women barge into the middle of a long queue and get away with a smile, but when you wriggle to move across a queue, your eardrums are bombarded with the choicest of words.
  9. You are shown the door when you go to buy a soft drink from a shop that’s about to close and some others, better known as women, are given closing time discounts!
  10. Women’s day! Free gifts, heavy discounts, pleasant greetings, flowers and cards! All these only for women. Wish there was a Men’s day or a Human’s day at least?

Let me leave you with a picture that will help you take your revenge…

Enjoy 😀


2 thoughts on “10 things you envy women for

  1. And How a simple pic on FB gets tonnes of LIKEs but your best pic wont even get 10…
    I can go On n ON… 😉

  2. 😦 😉 I’m trying not to give up…Don’t know how it really works. This blog will soon be 2 months old and I’ve already nurtured an attachment with wordpress.

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