Thoughts don’t let me sleep

The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau
The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau

My thoughts don’t let me sleep

On the bed I crawl and creep,

Trying to escape

But my thoughts run deep.

A transparent sheet of pain

That hugged my heart light,

Was adequate for peace to drain

And gift me a restless night.

I open my eyes, and then close

I curse the powerless me

Over my mind,

Not the life I chose.

Like a cardinal-red chenille of the velvet dress,

Like a drop from the agitated river,

Like a carnation-pink kite in the clear sky,

My thoughts are infamous vagabonds.

Now the cyber-yellow sun leaps over my eyes

And I realize,

The night was like a light year,

Yet my tired cilia needed more

When thoughts were about to depart from the shore.

What the lousy life gave me,

Snaffled the brave me,

Never was cracked a deal on sleep,

And my thoughts still run deep.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts don’t let me sleep

  1. Very interesting poem.Thoughts are created in our mind to keep us thinking.Gentle but true.Thank you for liking my post (( Gold/ soil)) Have a wonderful day.jalal

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