To the supporters of current Juvenile law – India

When you disagreed to any amendments in the present Juvenile law of India, when you gifted the 17 years and 9 months old accused of 16 December, 2012 Case a pleasant stay (for a maximum period of 3 years) at the reformation home, you assured him that he is a kid and women, toys, and wished him an enjoyable playtime!!!

You have given him, and others of his age, a reason to repent on how they wasted the past 17 years of their life without any play.


4 thoughts on “To the supporters of current Juvenile law – India

  1. Hello mam,
    after having look on your blog I felt like to
    share my views and some thoughts with you,
    I’m very upset and feeling ashamed after knowing,
    that what all these things going on in india #Rape,
    every day I read newspaper I always found a news on rape,
    I’m extremely upset with this, I want to do something for
    women community, something which helps them in any way.
    hhmm actually I have more but I have to go, I would like it if you
    will be in contact with me on facebook or twitter waise I m following you on
    twitter, have a check.

    ohkey bye,
    Take care, be safe

  2. Thanks for stopping by this blog.
    I feel the same way. I’m sure there’s something we can do for ourselves and our people.Acting and encouraging to act is one.(I never hesitate to go to the police.) Ensuring a good upbringing for kids around us is another.There are several things we see in our neighbourhood but we neglect them all.
    Yes I have a facebook page (created just two days back). Here’s the link:
    See you.

  3. Hi Himani. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I do hope to see you back soon. I read about the case you speak about here. It is very disturbing. In our juvenile court system (and this may differ statewide), the maximum punishment for juvenile offenders is five years in a detained facility. However, when the crime involves murder and especially a crime as heinous as this, a juvenile at age 13 can be treated as an adult and receive the same punishment as an adult if convicted. In my work as a juvy prosecutor, I have seen how vicious and brutal their crimes can be. I would say that the three years imposed does not suit the crime committed.

  4. True.What came out from the case I’m talking about was that this guy was the most brutal attacker who claimed to be a juvenile with pride. That was disgusting. I support the juvenile law you have in place. If a juvenile can commit an adult crime with this cruelt, what on earth can justify any less severe a punishment for him!

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