5 Writing Tips/Facts by a novice


It’s been two months I started blogging, and this was for the love of writing. Plainly and solely. I read daily and write weekly, rather post weekly. Here’s my experience in 5 short points:

  1. Writing was never about language and words: Those who think it’s their linguistic skill or wordplay that’s going to transform them into writers, are flatly wrong. Everybody is proficient in at least one language. It should mean that each one of them is a writer. Believe me, anybody can learn a language, cram the dictionary and put them down onto a paper. A writer doesn’t write words. A writer puts thoughts, ideas and feelings into words straight from the heart, not from the head. What follows is natural proficiency called art. Read as much as you can to improve the way you write, but during the process, never detach art from writing.
  2. Writeable to Readable takes time: When novels are written, they are not immediately published. They are reviewed time and again to evaluate their readability factor. Same goes with any piece of writing. You love to write, and that’s the reason why you write. An idea may be worth writing but yours is a writer’s view point. Readers might perceive it differently. The tip is: Write and forget. Read after a week. See if you enjoyed reading. Having said that, do not attempt writing from a reader’s perspective. Enjoy while you write. That’s it. Relax, it does take time. And the day will come when you won’t need to read your work. Simply write and publish! However, never take yourself for granted. You are a human.
  3. Read others: Whether you’re a blogger or a novel writer, never quit reading others. Time crunch. I’m aware. But others are not sitting jobless only to read what you’ve been writing. There are great ideas and thoughts available out there. You could find your inspiration too. It makes for a great assessment. You will know where you stand. THERE’S NO BEST WRITER.
  4. Never forget what made you: Absolutely. You can’t afford to lose humility. Humility has many lovers. Never sit on Mount Everest after folks have started reading you. Jump down from that cloud nine. It’s a dangerous place. Rain never warns you before coming. That cloud may burst anytime. Tip: Readers make you!
  5. Don’t let blog bog you down: One of the most important tips. In case you are a blogger, remember why you began blogging. Some blog to promote their writing, some as a pastime, some for fun and some for popularity. A few questions to ask yourself:
  • Is your blog becoming a facebook equivalent to you?
  • Are you consistently awaiting likes, comments, follows?
  • Why are you here?

Never let blogging bog you down. I began blogging for the love of writing. Is this sentence being repeated?

One more, you might feel it lacks sense, but avoid deleting your old posts. No matter how poorly written they are. It reminds you that you have to outshine them. What matters is GROWTH!

Cheers to writing!


9 thoughts on “5 Writing Tips/Facts by a novice

  1. Great post. Thanks for liking my recent post (Don’t rush we can wait ) My regards.jalal

  2. That was a Nice article…
    Absolutely agree with 2,3,4 and 5.
    But Experience tells me that people go crazy over 1. I normally love writing and reading in simple common layman lingo. But the editors will smack you for that. And even the general public. It seems if you do not have a couple of words in your blog that impresses the BA Literature guys, you are not a good blogger.
    I hate to read blogs that are full of words that nobody uses in their day to day lingo. But these are my personal views and they differ from the mass consensus.
    The mass consensus [ and this is the exp talking;) ] is that your vocab and words do matter a lot.

    And please let me add one more point
    6) Please do not comment on other blogs just to publicize your own blog or to say Thanks for liking my post (Sorry Mr jalal, you can kill me for this.Nothing personal or just against you). We (the writer of the blog and readers) realize when you do that. Let your comment be good enough for people to come and have a look at your blog.

    1. I agree with your point but my point is a general one.Some people believe writing is all about using rarely used words. I wanted to tell them that conveying the thought genuinely is more important.
      About Mr. Jalal, all I know by reading his blog is that he is a kind person.Everytime I read his blog, he drops by mine to say a ‘thank you’.I am obliged. That’s my personal view.I understand yours.

  3. Great tips – especially the one about not letting the blog bog you down. I find that blogging is consuming and uses a different side of the brain than writing fiction. As far as word usage, my fiction writing professors have always told me to keep it simple. Thanks for your return visit to the literary lawyer!

      1. These are some pretty shocking and grizzly stories. (I am equally shocked by the story you spoke about on your blog.) That’s why I try to lighten it up a bit on fridays with my “guest blogger” who features the dumbest criminals series.

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