You know you are a writing-addict when…

1. You cancel appointments because you suddenly got something in your mind and feel it’s worth writing.
2. You are moody and refuse to change.
3. You go out only with one hope – to find an inspiration for writing.
4. You feel it’s a privilege to be alone.
5. When you are upset or disturbed, writing becomes cathartically essential.

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15 thoughts on “You know you are a writing-addict when…

      1. :D… the way i did that was…
        1) click ‘dashboard’
        2)click ‘blogs I follow’
        3)click ‘reader’
        4) you should see the list of blogs you follow now….click on any one of them and you should see the number of followers 😛

        I hope that helps 😉

  1. Certainly applies to me when writing a long or a serious post. I have many posts in draft that are triggered by the things you have mentioned. Some of them remain private though.

    1. Interesting. Isn’t it cool to be like that?
      This post was written on sunday when I noticed I did exactly what I’ve written in the first point and the rest of the things, I keep doing everyday.

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