Morning sleep


To all those who love sleeping in the morning and to all those who rise early and dead and love it later. Here’s a small list of your mornings:

  1. Getting up early in those cold mornings when everyone else in the house is cozying up in the quilt.
  2. Taking heavy, silent steps hoping nobody hears.
  3. Nervously switching on the light as if the tap sound of the button would be more intruding than the sudden luminance in the room.
  4. Cringing and fearing the sound of stream while opening the tap.
  5. The morning when the sunlit mirror supplies just the right amount of illumination to the room.
  6. Those mornings when the sky pours water on earth building enough noise for a lullaby.
  7. The mornings when you realize that the noise you hate the most is not the voice of someone abusing you but the sound of the alarm. The sweetest music can be hated when it comes from the alarm clock.
  8. The mornings when you curse life.
  9. The morning when you feel that you look your best in that messy hair and puffy-dewy skin but you are forced to comb harsh and wash well.
  10. The mornings when you know the streets will be quite and calm, the tree will smell tree, the clay will smell clay and dews will moisten the air.
  11. And the mornings that allow the painful you to brag that you get up early.

Morning is the most ideal time for the most serene sleep.


Amanda’s breakfast


I will eat breakfast only when mommy’s around.  Amanda thought as she took the Sunday newspaper in her small hands.  Every week she waited for this day when she could maunder about all that she did in school.

She had finished reading all comic strips when she felt hunger pangs. She looked at the big clock on the wall while the food lay on the table.

10:50 am

She folded the newspaper and dropped it in mom’s chair. A tiny piece of paper slipped from the pages. It read,

Honey, I’m off to office, got an urgent call from my bald boss. Finish the breakfast, I’ll be late.