Amanda’s report card

Amanda’s report card

Amanda, who grew up teaching English to girls of her age, indulged into fun on the streets that lead to her home. She laughed at the lame linguistic impressions that the street artists had left on the walls of her city. She was left amused when she read advertisements as these– “Childrens Toys”, “Your the best”, “The Filanthropist” or “The Vagetarian restorant”. In Amanda’s mien could be found the erudition that a young woman with a major in English should bear. This was one of the reasons behind the freedom that she enjoyed while making fun of those who lacked the perfection of language.

One weekend, her mom spread old photographs, letters, books and memoirs across a bed; Amanda jumped onto a corner of the bed while her mom clung to the other as they enjoyed recalling long-lost memories. In one of the books Amanda fumbled upon a report card of her early schooling. The ecstasy in her flipped the card open and dropped eyes on the scores mentioned in the subjects of language. She frowned as read –

Grammer: 93/100


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