For she is no more

O swift birds, you may revert directions and relax your wings,
for her heart has settled.
O hobo wind, you may wind up now, for her nostrils take no air.
O restless river, you may fall freeze now,
for her body is laid to rest.
O sweet cuckoo, you may not sing the tune today,
for her eyes will not awake again. O eager rains, your crackle shall fall not on her face,
for her skin has gone to sleep.
O angry sun, you may run away with your redness,
for her eyes will see no more.
O radiant rose, your velvets may turn coarse,
for her hands will hold you no more.
O roaring sorrow, you may not smile today,
for your friend has left you alone.
O handful of happiness, you may not play the music,
for she will dance with you no more.
O hope, you are rendered homeless,
for you lived in her.
O deadly life, you may cease to live,
for she will curse you no more.

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