The great Gatsby


Over the delicate skeleton of the plot, Fitzgerald has woven with words, one of the most beautiful webs I have ever read. Why this great writer could not make it to the list of top authors in the beginning of his career becomes more intense a mystery after you read the book.
As for the book, the story begins quite late and ends quicker than you expect. For someone who reads the story in the twenty-first century, this book offers little of surprises and twists. However, for anyone reading it at any point of time and space this book showers pure delight. It’s simplicity crafted extraordinarily. If Bacon said some books are to be tasted, some to be swallowed and some to be chewed, then The great Gatsby rightly fits into the third category.
The book puts forth such a strong skill of writing so subtly that 200 pages leave you restless. How the story proliferates is almost easy to guess but how it ends is certainly not something you expect for or wish to accept. But then, most beautiful books are written in a way that leaves you gasping for more. I remember when I saw “75” written at the footnote, I sensed an unrest within me, the fear of only 125 pages to last. I closed the book so that I could enjoy a greater part of it the next day.
If, by any possiblity, you have not read it, go buy, borrow or steal a copy of this literary wonder.


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