Because in me there’s a fire

The pain that was given to me will never fill my heart,
Because I’m empty.
The truth that was told will never dig my ears,
Because they are dirty.
The life that was taken away will never come back,
Because it’s such a misfit.
The dreams that were broken will never look me back,
Because they have scorned me.
The rains that used drench will never wet me again,
Because in me there’s fire.
The sun that used to scorch me will never hit me again,
Because I’m burning equally.
The air that I used to wave with will never wave with me again,
Because I’ll burn it.
Now nights are blank and days are burning.
The winds and buds and birds that I ushered in are all returning.
The curve of smile that used to light me is now fast dying.
The tears that were brimming a while ago have all jumped into my fire. But the fire, though burning hot and swallowing what comes its way, is not brightening my home.


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