My mind got its wings


My mind! It’s not mine
It’s got those wings that know no limits.
It flies swift through the air with swifter, desperate heart.
Believe me! It has seen the end, the end of the sky.

Where the world and its frivolities end,
Where life and its strife cease, Where anguish and joy embrace, Where tears and smile collide Begins its journey my little mind. My fatigued mind,
My obstinate mind.

And it runs,
Runs as a fugitive runs for life,
Runs as a bird runs from cage for freedom.

And it falls,
Falls on the ground,
Down to the earth,
Falls as a bird falls on its wings smirched in tears,
Falls from the high, forgotten to fly.

And it bleeds,
Bleeds tears,
Tears of determination,
Determination unperturbed.

And it cries,
Cries for help,
Help from divine,
Help in not losing the shine,
Shine of the courage,
The courage to dream.

And it rises,
Rises from the wet wings,
Onto its feet,
Stands with its mind,
Made up for another go.

With its chest filled with air,
Air of fire,
That burns hopelessness,
Fuels desires.

And the bird dries,
Dries its wings,
By the heat inside.

And my mind flies,
Flies again,
Keeps flying.


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