Some of the best faces of life

Though not devoid of grandeur, life has shown its sweetest face to me only when I had its most prosaic form in front of my eyes.
Although it’s not my trait, I don’t mind sharing a few of these faces.
Some of the best ones:

1. The most tranquil sleep comes in the running train, in the moving bus and in the buzzing classroom.
2. Some great friends are those who know you are a terrible misfit but never make you feel so.
3. The sweetest introduction to a friend ‘Meet my enemy‘.
4. The proudest introduction to a friend’s sibling ‘He is my best friend’s brother’.
5. The happiest moment in an overcrowded bus – when your loved one gets a place to sit and you stand next to.
6. The most victorious moment – when you tell ten lies for your friend and save her.
7. The saddest moment – when your friend refuses to talk to you. 8. The best food – that which has been stolen from a friend’s bag.
9. The most curious feeling – when your friend is not around and you notice something new while gazing at her photograph.
10. The most regretful moment – when your friend is not around and you remember a promise you forgot to fulfill.

You may be strong as iron, so strong that only petty things can make you cry.


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