Home alone

There are times when life puts you to test. It bruises you and demands no hue, no cry. You step outside your home and you have a huge world of people bubbling with noise and oozing out energy. Although they do not expect anything from you, you do not wish to give them pain in any form. You wish to be a part of them and to accomplish this, the only gift you have for them is your smile.

You smile. You smile to the crowd before you. You smile to the city of lights and blare. You smile to the dark of the woods. You smile to the cold of thunder and to the dry of the autumn. You smile to the ones who care and to the ones who do not. You smile to the passersby. You smile on the stage when you perform. You smile to the ones whom you see performing. You smile to the ones you see crying. You smile to the ones you see dancing.

You come home. You look into the mirror. And you cry. You cry uncontrollably. You realise you were at a motionless when people passed by you. You wonder how you’ve been smiling all along with so many wounds and so grave an ache in your heart.

You’re now home. Alone. All rules of life are broken when you’re at home and alone. So cherish having a home and its unmatched loneliness.


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