Everyday you lie

Promises do not last. They are all meant to be broken.

People kill and words of wisdom do not heal.

Wounds heal but scars are what they leave.

A tavern looks like a house from outside,

Amasses all evils inside,

Just how a smile hides all pains.

Guilt is overcome and gaps are filled.

Unjust deeds are never justified by remorse

Or punishments

Because the pain given is never undone.

It lies deep within.

Changes meanings.

Redefines hope.

Redefines character.

Redefines decisions.

Redefines goodness.

Redefines forgiveness.

Redefines life.

In short, devastates them.

Everyday becomes a struggle.

Everyday you prove.

Everyday you try.

Everyday you shy

Away from a celebrating world,

Away from yourself.

Everyday you think


Everyday you prod


Everyday you lie

To the world.


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