Gifts of the year gone by

I have been posting a bit of personal experiences off late and making this blog look more like a diary. A tad more on the lines of irresistable thoughts.
Here comes an end to a beautiful year. A year that left with its departure a gift of endless possibilities, opportunities and dreams. A year that tested and burnt me into gold. A year that cleansed and washed me into purity. A year that showed me who I am and what I am destined to become if I remain what I am. A year that pulled life to my feet. A year that brought my goodness into the mirror. A year that gifted my kindness to the world. A year that proved that strength, and not power, prevails. A year that made me believe in God and His love for me.
A year to remember as I learnt lessons only life can teach, I passed all the tests and, by God’s grace, am ready for more wins.
A very happy new year to all those who happen to stop by my blog. 2013 is its birth year.
God bless you all and keep you from evil and evil deeds.


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