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Loving your dreams

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Nostalgia tells me that I dissect what I have left behind, but conscience tells me rather garner what lies ahead. Weave a dream, vision a future and chase it until you get there. The latter has grains of wisdom and the former is specious. Life has helped me infer my own character. History speaks for my failures in achieving, but however much have I tried, I haven’t been able to stop dreaming. Dreaming gives me strength to walk again and alone. I have chosen my path, stumbled at every other step, gotten up, brushed the dirt out of my clothes and resolved to walk again. Dreams are bewitching, glittering energy packets for me. I love my dreams so much that I beat my weaker self down for them. I have a life! A very positive life that wants me to dream. My dreams give keep me immensely happy, so I’m neither heaping any burdens of expectations on my future nor am I scared of seeing them breaking down to something that looks like bowdlerized glass. I’m fine with dreams and my willingness to achieve them. It does get a bit starry at times, and so phantasmagoric that it becomes inevitable to fall back to reality and fall down. These are called failures. And these are utterly important if you don’t want to limit yourself to dreaming and if you want to see the dreams materializing. Dreams shouldn’t keep you satisfied; that’s not their job. On the other hand, you need to keep your dreams satisfied. Dreams are those babies that are still in the egg; they want to pop up and see life out of your mind. Once they are outside, they struggle for survival and often break down. Once they break down, they would want to know if you still love them. If you’re tethered by the world’s turmoil and still not scared of dreaming, you’re gifted. If reality pins you down, then you’re not worth the dreams. You may do well with the options that life showed you. Here’s a quote I read somewhere, (have fidgeted with the arrangement of words.)

I want to live a life in a way that I stretch my arms long and do not hurt somebody in the nose. -Anonymous


You’re happy when you don’t need a reason to say that.
You’re happy when each struggle makes you sense life.
When you’re able to find glitter in every speck of dirt that is aired on you, you’ve made it!
When you look at the horizon and itch to find what’s beyond it, you’ve got the sight.
When you know you’re flying and don’t care a damn about falling, you’re a fearless warrior.
I’m all that today, if I’m bragging, then let me because this is unusual of me and HEY DEAR CHANGE! MY ARMS ARE OPEN.