My true happiness

My true happiness comes from my struggle through darkness, my loneliness during celebrations and my pain under light – the sources of fulfilment.


When I believed I was that much, I was just that without anything much.


Blame my heart

And it came out that it is this heart to blame, the heart that loves the roses that can prick their thorns into it.


Oh my dreams

I wonder if it is as rich a feeling to live a dream as it is to dream.
If it’s not, then I am all set for running away with the crumbs of dreams.


Loveliest feeling from a book

Falling numb and staring at nothingness after reading something thoughtful : The loveliest feeling a book may give.


Broken glass

I’m just a broken piece of glass trying to be the mirror you look into everyday.



Even if things are far from being true, my heart has an irresistable urge to dream.


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