Drafting Words at loggerheads

I love thoughts, words, art, gestures, emotions and most of the things that fit in the same book while contradicting each other. I agree with Newton when he professed ‘opposite attracts’. For starters, consider these – trembling fear, black shine, grimy white, bunglesome confidence. All of these adjectives so befittingly justify in describing their subjects and yet they are all actually trying to disagree with their subjects’ true identity. White once stood for purity, black could never shine, what fear is fear if it trembles or confidence if it shakes! It is attractive to read such words as rigid innocence, frail strength, cruel beauty as is to read sweet poison, loud silence and dead life.
Through the years, my fondness towards such pairs of words has grown manifold. Shyness coruscated and I always believed in the power of coupling two opposite ideas and thoughts. Two such ideas that would empower each other, complement each other, describe each other and yet not lose their individual identities. And, unlike the positive and negative of science bonding together, they won’t neutralize each other.
One day I wondered if such words hold any power. After all, all they have is just a tinge of beauty to them. The tinge that spans the mind when you read them. But then, I hear of great minds that awoke while they were, in fact, still asleep, i.e. in dreams, and I gravitate back to them. A brilliantly stupid reasoning. You’re free to go by your pragmatic imaginations about my effusive fondness.
This is my one-o-oneth post on this diary, so, fire’s waving cool. XD


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