If this is called life, then I’m ready to live again

At the end, it doesn’t matter what you win or lose. All that is enriching or fulfilling is the experience that is:

A learning – always good,

Unforgettable – sweet or sour,

An achievement – not for sale,

A price – only you could pay.

No win or loss will ever be reminisced by you, it will only be recalled by others, that is if that made big noise. And who said noise is good? If you’ve not stirred any heart, then you have nothing to cherish. For me, you’re not gold if you’re born gold; you’re gold if you pass through the fire and come out or remain gold.

Cherishing what I learnt, revisiting what I experienced, remembering those who touched my heart, learning about those whose hearts I touched, and believing that life seemed so unfair and yet it has been fair to me is all that will matter to me when I grow old, so old that I find everything too silly to fight for.

If this is what life is for, to throw you on the field and enlighten you after you’ve battled hard, then I would love to live again.


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