Together, we could never be

To all the places I wanted to be to,
To all the beaches I couldn’t be to,
To all the churches I turned my back to,
To all the islands I wished to be lost on,
To all the woods I dared not to wander into,
To all the deserts I never ran into,
To all the mountains I couldn’t climb,

I have to say I never will
Because I never could,
As it never worked,
Sometimes it was too dark to dare,
Sometimes to bright for my eyes,
Sometimes it was too lonely to go,
Sometimes too crowded for me to fit in,
Sometimes you were too far away,
Sometimes you lay too high,
Sometimes your dense strands bewildered me,
Sometimes your tranquility scared me,
Sometimes you looked too stranded for my shoulder to have your head,
Sometimes you looked too happy for me to hold your hand,
Sometimes you were too pure for me,
Sometimes you burnt my head,
Sometimes intruders threatened me,
Sometimes my intentions were foolish,

Together, somehow we could never be.


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