Random Notes

On an empty stomach
Music silences hunger
For death.
Words, however, powerful
Cannot do away with actions
They will generate
One after another.
Why is that
We are incompatible
With our own
Why is that we
Think random.


Random Notes

When you look around
You gasp
You’re angry
You’re more of sad
You feel you’re full to the brim
With imperfections
As you look at yourself now
You cringe
With your own shortcomings
You fear
You wish you cease to be human
For you hate its nature
You wish you were away
You wish you were only nice
With all, all the time

Random Notes

There was a time
Those whom you wanted did not speak to you
There was a time
You could not say what you wanted
There was a time
They misunderstood you
There was a time
They ridiculed your being
There was a time
They noticed not that you’ve been trying hard
There was a time
They needed you hardly
There was a time
They could make you cry
There was a time
They sympathised too

Your stature felt rejected
Your wit drowned deep down
Your courage faced a setback
Your eyes saw the dark of you
You began to love yourself

This time
You saw yourself, and
This time
You saw your soul

Random notes

You were confused between
What’s alright and what you want
You created your world in yourself
You consoled yourself
You argued with yourself
You tested yourself
You had to hurt yourself.
Today you must venture
Out in the dark
Today you must face
The darkest of your fears
For it is not everday
That to feel secure
For it is not everyday
You have guardians around.
You chicken
You moron
You have a dream?
You laugh!