Reconciling with the underprivileged you

Life brings to us some of the most painful experiences in the form of reconciliations and acceptance. There, certainly are events in the life span of any human being that leave us stirred and shaken. Events that take place inevitably without our consent or control, or both. Your success, your failure, your achievement, your luck in life to get things that you shouldn’t have to put much effort to get, things that happen to everybody usually, normally, with no effort put in, the luck to make friends with people who are terrific and apt to you at the same time, to get to meet people and personalities who are terrific enough to stun you by their mere presence, or people who are brilliant enough to keep you motivated and going, inspired and going, and having them stay. Painful because it is very natural that it is possible that none of these things happen to you. And it goes without saying that sometimes you will not have control over these and most of the times these will happen without your consent. Indeed. Yes. Possible.

But you may not have to drown in the pain of it. You are not expected to but you definitely, for your own good, for the sake of your own self, will reconcile with the facts that these are. You have to still keep yourself going, you were sent to this world alone and you met people incidentally. But you know what? You sometimes create collectively. And you sometimes create alone. But you create, nonetheless.

You will meet people who will touch your live, success that will have you to jump, motivation that will have you to rise and still go deep within. Some of these may not happen again. But you will go on. And create. Lead a fulfilling life by giving, if not taking.


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