I would be sweet

I would be sweet
But I turned out a mix
And so intense
That you couldn’t fix

I would be nice
But I had become wise
And so mild
That you had a chance

I would be swift
But my nerves had gone rough
And so tight
That handling’em would burst

I would be eloquent
But my mouth had been neglected
And so quiet
That you felt right
Right, I had my way

I would be sane
But you found it vague
And so unlikely
That my mind had to drain

I would be winner
But I had none to lose
I quit playing
And walked in your shoes

I am not any
That you found right
Am I funny
And just that?

I screwed myself
Because I was back
To what I thought
I should have been not

And yet
It is a delight
Nothing’s right
I’ll be alright

Sing with me
Before it’s gone
The moment’s a music
That won’t last long


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