There, you are

Every time I have seen you, you’ve been such a mystery, so bright that I would like to figure out the colors that form it.
Indeed I am fragile to be shaken by your brightness.
You make me tipsy, but the worldly affairs have contained me.
Your giggle can be heard around, and your sob twitches me.
I can hear the footsteps, but your shadow cannot be seen,
because, obviously, you carry enough brightness.
In the course of believing so, I will notice your darkness.
Maybe, even that will whip me up. I can’t tell.
I might find it lighter than mine.
I hope I am able to bring it on before you usher another surprise.
I shudder on imagining I may turn you off by my shabby show.
But I choose to believe, you will have something shabby, too.
And that will help us bind. Help our greys entwine.
I may relax, you’re on the way, you’ll take time.
After all, you’re too bright.
May have to sit midway, bathing the life of others.


Everybody is a warrior

Note 1:

Everybody is a warrior. I don’t think you can be in the lake for long and not learn swimming. There’s a deeper meaning to this. However much you try, you will end up learning to swim. You will end up learning to love the fish in there, to play with their fin. The most difficult will be to unlearn everything later. To forget swimming and stick to walking when you are out of it. Unlearning is not only baffling but a battle in the larger picture.

She is not

She’s  not a flamboyant personality
She has grown older in the tides that bind her
Although the idea of you is like rain into the lake, remember the brim is too salty
Fish can survive if you don’t overwhelm the lake
She is not pretty
And she doesn’t mind it
For she thinks  pretty can only be the idea of you
She has thoughts,
A lot of them.
They are entwined into the wind.
Wind can harsh. Wind can be gentle. Wind can mess. Wind can fondle.
It can make flowers dance. It can make leaves wither.
So great is the power of you that she is maddened to contain the wind.
Keep moving or it’s going to bother. For it’s supposed to entertain.
She doesn’t die. She is either full of wind or she’s full of rain. She’s full, most of the times. And she entertains. Sometimes a life saver, sometimes a spectrum of beauty, sometimes a deathly call.
She can contain the moon. She can confine it into her darkness. She can caress the broken stars into a sweet melody. She never cries. She only sings. She is happiness. She remembers every reflection and cherishes till the rain dries.
She’s not pretty
She’s not flamboyant.

Some crazy fellow

Determined that
It’s frivolous
They chose to ignore
But some crazy fellow
Comes like a moon
Dissolves the heat
Of the sun
Finding craze
Craze in grain
Craze in wind
Craze in noise
Of cluttering teeth

Some crazy fellow
Dissolves anger
Spurs laughter
Triggers anger
Finishes off

What is it
That hurts
Hurts like crazy
Crazy fellow
Amusing sweetness
Sows tickle
Reaps grief
Tickles back
Crazy fellow

Some crazy fellow

Hell, as you decide
You begin to pang
Some crazy fellow
Without a heart
Head kept high
Chin kept higher
Nosy mouthed
Tight skinned
White collared
His words
Sinned and sinned
Here and there
Wound and wound
No hatred, no curse

His silence
Sinned and sinned
Here and there
Wound and wound
No hatred, no curse

In a grey moon
His eyes are filled
In a gold moon
He is denied sleep
In a blue moon
He has a heart

He is sugar
He is pungent
He injects
That what kills
Wound and wound
No hatred, no curse