There, you are

Every time I have seen you, you’ve been such a mystery, so bright that I would like to figure out the colors that form it.
Indeed I am fragile to be shaken by your brightness.
You make me tipsy, but the worldly affairs have contained me.
Your giggle can be heard around, and your sob twitches me.
I can hear the footsteps, but your shadow cannot be seen,
because, obviously, you carry enough brightness.
In the course of believing so, I will notice your darkness.
Maybe, even that will whip me up. I can’t tell.
I might find it lighter than mine.
I hope I am able to bring it on before you usher another surprise.
I shudder on imagining I may turn you off by my shabby show.
But I choose to believe, you will have something shabby, too.
And that will help us bind. Help our greys entwine.
I may relax, you’re on the way, you’ll take time.
After all, you’re too bright.
May have to sit midway, bathing the life of others.


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