Maybe, when we

Maybe when this biscuit is once dipped in tea will it attain what it’s come for
Maybe my heart is too crunchy
Maybe the warmth of yours will gel it
Maybe when the sun has half roasted my skin
And maybe when the snow has half chilled your flesh
You will need my hand to soften you
And I will need yours to cool me down
Maybe I am the frozen river
Maybe you are the sun behind the mountains
Maybe when you’ll rise, I will flow
And when I’ll flow, you’ll see yourself in me
Maybe the clouds are keeping us away
But I’m sure, the darker they grow, the sooner they’ll pass
And it will be time
You’ve been like ice in my glass
I have been brilliant at ignoring you
I have been the sweet of your tea
You’ve been efficient at dissolving me in
Maybe when nature mixes these, we’ll notice each other’s presence,
Or absence
You know, we are the background track of a movie
We don’t hear each other
You know, you’re such a music that you make my words a song
And you are in such a way in me that you make me words
And what is that I need
And what is that you need
Everything else is immaterial


Letter to my dear ones


It’s sad to believe that all problems lead to one solution, and that solution is marriage. It’s not. At least for me it’s sickening to think that you believe so. I have a lot to achieve and discover which is simply unrelated to marriage. It might be the right age, but it’s certainly not the right mindset to start with, which makes it more dangerous. It might send everything into disorder. Our society, I have several reasons to believe, is a failure. I still am in agreement with the idea that things would turn out good if we have patience to be careful with the flaws in our social construct. However, this society is the first one to push you and the first one to run away. We can stand with the society if we hold our grounds strong and are able to help it without being submissive to the pressure it puts or be swayed by the havoc/enthusiasm it creates around us. So trust in your own judgement and rightfulness is what will sustain you till the end. I hope you understand, yes at the right time, and not yes and right now. Remember the time is always right when it’s the right decision/person.
Keep your mind open or else all the reading and dedication towards literature and art that you’ve put in will go down the drain. And the effort that all artists, writers have put in will breathe their last in the corners they were written.
As for my state, I am spending days writing and it leaves me with little to chatter. I am happy this way.
I must wish you good luck and loads of patience.

People to play safe with

Those who try to belittle you or mock at others: Some people will try to feel taller by calling you short but when it comes to them, they will act as moon-washed innocent fellows. Choose to stay away from them before you reach the danger mark of unhappiness. They are poisonously sadistic. I hope nobody is cursed by such creatures in life. Mocking or belittling anybody has the potential to cultivate good amount of inferiority in you later.

Those who malign your thoughts: Some people can’t appreciate others. They end up criticizing everybody. They end up stereotyping others. Such type of people are usually found aggravating others by filling negativity, criticism and jealousy around. They will hamper your daily progress in all possible ways.

Those who see you as an advantage: If you find anyone taking every opportunity to use your knowledge/skills into their own favor, you’ve found that person. It’s very easy to find this type. Play safe with them. They will never sound cunning, they can go about boasting loudly about their honesty, but at your back, they will never thank you. You’re just a useful key to their progress.

The joy of suffering

I would be happy if you make me sad today.
Help me go deep inside, where I can meet myself.
So that I can be fit for my soul and not right for outsiders.

I would be happy if you make me sad today.
Strengthen me face myself, empower me look into my eyes.
For long I haven’t sobbed, for long I haven’t looked inside.

I would be happy if you make me sad today.


For long you’ve kept me so happy that I feel I’m not content.
For long you’ve held me so close that I’ve gone away from myself.

I would be happy if you make me sad today.
For, all can make me happy,
But only you can make me sad

You, at least

Distraught, unavailable
I’m an inaccessible island
Don’t think of me
You wouldn’t mind
If I drown while coming back
Don’t think of me
You’re a chicken
You are inconsistent
Don’t think of me
You, at least you
Don’t send me packets
Full of sweet water
Inaccessible island around
There’s some goodness
Still left in me
Don’t inject me
Don’t think of me
Distraught, unavailable
I am insane
About this place
There’s some goodness
Still left in here
Don’t think of me
You, at least
This temper
Is about to go
Turgidity about to die
When? I must figure out
Don’t think of me
You, at least
The rocks around
Are turning white
With my sweat
Engraving in
Thousands of words
Might pierce you
So don’t think of me
You’re way above
The sea level
A High flier
Even the night
Wouldn’t hold you
I am way small
To be around
To be found
Don’t think of me
It won’t last long
You might pass
This island
While I’m distraught, unavailable
Your wings
Might fly higher then
The more I fumble
The more I’m distraught
What are you?
A puzzle unresolved
I might still
Say a hello
But the island
Is so full
Of words
That it might not welcome you
So fly higher
And away