People to play safe with

Those who try to belittle you or mock at others: Some people will try to feel taller by calling you short but when it comes to them, they will act as moon-washed innocent fellows. Choose to stay away from them before you reach the danger mark of unhappiness. They are poisonously sadistic. I hope nobody is cursed by such creatures in life. Mocking or belittling anybody has the potential to cultivate good amount of inferiority in you later.

Those who malign your thoughts: Some people can’t appreciate others. They end up criticizing everybody. They end up stereotyping others. Such type of people are usually found aggravating others by filling negativity, criticism and jealousy around. They will hamper your daily progress in all possible ways.

Those who see you as an advantage: If you find anyone taking every opportunity to use your knowledge/skills into their own favor, you’ve found that person. It’s very easy to find this type. Play safe with them. They will never sound cunning, they can go about boasting loudly about their honesty, but at your back, they will never thank you. You’re just a useful key to their progress.


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