Letter to my dear ones


It’s sad to believe that all problems lead to one solution, and that solution is marriage. It’s not. At least for me it’s sickening to think that you believe so. I have a lot to achieve and discover which is simply unrelated to marriage. It might be the right age, but it’s certainly not the right mindset to start with, which makes it more dangerous. It might send everything into disorder. Our society, I have several reasons to believe, is a failure. I still am in agreement with the idea that things would turn out good if we have patience to be careful with the flaws in our social construct. However, this society is the first one to push you and the first one to run away. We can stand with the society if we hold our grounds strong and are able to help it without being submissive to the pressure it puts or be swayed by the havoc/enthusiasm it creates around us. So trust in your own judgement and rightfulness is what will sustain you till the end. I hope you understand, yes at the right time, and not yes and right now. Remember the time is always right when it’s the right decision/person.
Keep your mind open or else all the reading and dedication towards literature and art that you’ve put in will go down the drain. And the effort that all artists, writers have put in will breathe their last in the corners they were written.
As for my state, I am spending days writing and it leaves me with little to chatter. I am happy this way.
I must wish you good luck and loads of patience.


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