Maybe, when we

Maybe when this biscuit is once dipped in tea will it attain what it’s come for
Maybe my heart is too crunchy
Maybe the warmth of yours will gel it
Maybe when the sun has half roasted my skin
And maybe when the snow has half chilled your flesh
You will need my hand to soften you
And I will need yours to cool me down
Maybe I am the frozen river
Maybe you are the sun behind the mountains
Maybe when you’ll rise, I will flow
And when I’ll flow, you’ll see yourself in me
Maybe the clouds are keeping us away
But I’m sure, the darker they grow, the sooner they’ll pass
And it will be time
You’ve been like ice in my glass
I have been brilliant at ignoring you
I have been the sweet of your tea
You’ve been efficient at dissolving me in
Maybe when nature mixes these, we’ll notice each other’s presence,
Or absence
You know, we are the background track of a movie
We don’t hear each other
You know, you’re such a music that you make my words a song
And you are in such a way in me that you make me words
And what is that I need
And what is that you need
Everything else is immaterial


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