Some of them

Some people make you human
Some make you a bleeding human
Some make you a kind one
Some make you a poet
Some make you pus
Some make you an adamant one
Some make you fluid
Some solidify you
Some fill in you hatred
Some fill in you a sad song
Some fill in you hope for freedom
None of them intend to


Tell me so

Why don’t you to me say
That you’ve had it for long
If only for a minute a day
Or just a while ago
Eternities will remember
If you speak so once
It would do me a lot
It will let me walk the steps
And prevent me from banging
My head on walls
And on other heads
It will help me find easily
What I look for
Why don’t you to me say
That you, too, have been waiting
It will help me
Read a story
As a story
And not my story
It will help me
See and not dream
Eat the pie alone
Walk alone, not wondering
How would it be
If suddenly you I see
Help me live
The way we are
Destined to live
But tell me so
I need an oxygen on the go

Let die

Sometimes I wish I could die in you
Only to awake the next day
When you’ve sorted my worries
And until you do that
I would rest under the bed
Where you can see me from
And exclaim at my nonchalance
I wonder
If you could teach me
Certain things I am craving to learn
Till then I would have to only cry
For the end
Of this morose day
Fascination of that day
Brings me joy unparalleled to say
You’ll know probably
When I’m done
Done dreaming
Or done waiting
If you only offer a chance
And offer equal stage to dance
I would do it for you
In hope that you will let me die
In you
Only to awake the next day
When you’ve sorted me
With your gentle voice
And your teary smile

Pirated inspirations?

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When Hellen Keller’s story The Frost King was published in 1892, she found herself accused of plagiarising Margaret T Canby’s The Frost Fairies. Keller explained that she may have read The Frost Fairies and forgotten it. She was 11 at the time.

We tend to incorporate in our work, many ideas and thoughts that are not our own, considering them to be inspirations. I was about the same age as Keller was when I wrote a short story inspired (to be honest, highly inspired) by the eternal story of the Snow White. In fact, I was about to send that piece of writing to a short story writing contest!

Wikipedia says, ‘Cryptomnesia occurs when a forgotten memory returns without it being recognized as such by the subject, who believes it is something new and original. It is a memory bias whereby a person may falsely recall generating a thought, an…

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Two glasses

Two glasses
Always filled
Found a place
Near the sky
Slight distance
That led me to believe
I cannot find
A place in your ears
Soon slight became thick
And let me to believe
I cannot enter
Into your den
Of comfort, of solitude
But this didn’t destroy me
What saw me breaking
Was the belief
That I cannot enter
Because you had walls
Built all around
And then you ask
About my glass
Sheer air and sheer emptiness
And then you ask
Why is that

The cloud ran

The cloud ran
I sat beside the sword
To cut the cloud
Into pieces
Tiny and large
Which might let me hide
And feed my ego
The cloud ran
I knew it would rain
‘Cause the cloud was turning dark
And beautiful
Wherever it left its mark
Swift did it run
I powered myself
With guts and angst
And ran behind
To conquer
My feet
On the sand
Said it’s cool
You know why
But I had to break
The cloud
‘Cause it might rain
And I resolved
I’ll kill break it into pieces
It will never forget
Who would have thought
It broke on its own
Rain or tears
Under my eyes
The cloud will never know
It hid me
Fed my ego
The cloud into pieces
Of me

Come down with me, I’ll show you

I did not know
Because I didn’t steal ever
Perhaps it is your faith
Perhaps you would shiver
Upon knowing the facts
Out of your sketch
Of me
Because your faith
Is strong and limited
To just your faith
O my stomach contracts
Knowing your sickness
Regarding me
And your idea
Highly divine
About me
If you ever want in times to come
Come down with me
I’ll show you
Divinity has no definition
O my stomach cries
To find that you thought
Days and nights about me
For my dear, it’s never the thoughts
That will help you
It’s coming down, living under the sun
That will have us sail through
For you’re no ice
I would like to melt
You’re no dream
I would like to see
But come down with me
I’ll show you
How to see a dream
Come down with me
I’ll show you
How to feel about me
‘Cause I’ll melt that day
When you have no sketch of me