The chase

And finally, when you said
You needed me no more
I was ready
To become
Anyone you needed
I could be your sweat
Because I had seen you toiling hard
Running towards sweat and
Away from me
You always wanted
Something that’s hard to get
So I slogged to become that pride
I could be the mountains
But they looked too lonely
Too hard to touch
Too cold to feel
I would sprinkle wine
And pang for water
I would taste sword
And find victory harder
I would be the bird
Looking for a master
I would sit down
On top of the mountains
It appeared scary
Death was under me
I jumped down
Slept into the hidden furrows
Down near the river
And you came
Waving your hand
To catch me, to cage me
I saw your charm
I noticed your joy
I found love in me
And I flew
Way above the mountains
Deeper in the sky
Higher and away
From the chase
That I sought


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