Annoy me at your own risk… Part 1

mind inundated

What irritates me?

Amongst the plethora of people and situations that have managed to annoy me and have forced me to roll my eyes, I choose a few to return the kind favours to.

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Yes, I get annoyed…

When I’m in the theatre watching a movie and you try to impress your wife by predicting every scene and dialogue to her. May I ask you a question? What is she doing in a movietheatre if she cannot see things for herself? Or, does she treat you as a pet? And by the way, what do you think you are? A great story-teller? Better than the director of the movie that you are watching? Leave all that foretelling and forecasting at home and let others watch the movie! Puhlease…

When you chew your food like a horse making enough noise for people around you to bestow on you a standing ovation…

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