The lovely lion

In the jungle far away,

lives a lovely lion, 

brings me fresh greens

and sweet water, 

keeps the jungle messy. 

Monkeys don’t stay up on the trees, 
deer flock the river bank
while the lion watches
them all. 

One day when it was dark
and scary on the land, 
I cried for its presence
and it heard it all. 
But it turned its back to me, 
went back to the jungle.
It heard an animal sing and
it went to find its prey. 
Another day he returned,
carried fresh greens
and sweet water.
This time he looked solemn, 
but I was not to budge. 
He cared not a bit
’cause he was in search of a prey.
On the land,
he was in search of
whom he had fed on so long ago. 


We chased each other

We chased each other
Not looking
We chased each other
While talking
We pushed the sky up
Peeled the water aside
And sat like we had never sat before
That assurance. That flamboyance. That dance of your eyes.
And suddenly, I ask, why beauty mattered to you
That is how we grew. That is what we drew
In the mind
A picture of the perfect you
And the silly of me asked, why beauty mattered to you
Seen, not seen. Spoke, won’t speak.
All of it accepted
Hear, you must. And tell, you must.
For I might otherwise ask, why beauty mattered to you
And you say, it didn’t
With perfection, you trained so well

Fill my glass fast

This would work
As long as I smile
As long as I forget
As long as I hear and not see
So the glass is empty
And sugar’s gone into the head
Too much sweetness
Comes to the rescue
And the glass is empty
But the glass is empty
Oh I did not see
Fill it fast
Until I’m thirsty
Once I begin to act
And it begins to work
And I smile and I forget
And I don’t hear, far from seeing
Don’t think I’m not gonna talk
About it to myself
So fill the glass fast
And put me to rest
But let it not overflow
Let it not overflow
Let me not overflow

My song

To the dear ones and the near ones
To those who heard me once
To those who shoot me twice
To those I gave up on
What fear do you have? I won’t be lost if you let me wander. And if I still do, oh I was never your job.
In fact, I am nobody’s business. I am nobody’s art. Subject me not to your kindness; and I’ll certainly never be your prey. You can’t sing with me until you sing your song. Because I don’t let anybody sing my song once.
Not because I’m arrogant. It’s just that once you sing, it’s hard to forget.