Untitled notes of art

Somebody who makes art can be broken and lonely. But that somebody isn’t deprived of love. He is full of love. Love for nature, existence, objects, pain, innocence, humanity and every tiniest gesture and texture that can be found around him. For him, learning and understanding and improvement of character matters more than winning over someone or some challenge. There is childishness and immaturity in his personality but he is constantly at a fight with his own self, trying to live with his incompatible and insane other self. He likes to invest in art, education, books and feelings and trusts in the idea of branding to pick trustworthy education and not risk it but he seeks the same everywhere, every corner of nature.
His work can show greatness or pettiness but he is never satisfied with it and seeks constant approval and acceptance from self and those who have created greatness, and love from approvers. His love keeps growing for art and there’s a time when this outshines love for beings. He is a human and a construct of love and so he will choose humanity before art at times when it is required. He seeks an epitome of perfect character and humanity around but may or may not end up finding it. He likes to be kind but he will do without kindness from others if his work of art is kind to him. He doesn’t need love, kindness, understanding and care from others though he might want it at times.


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