I’ve lived through it since dawn

Excruciatingly warm
I’ve lived through it since dawn
About to end into yet another dusk
And I wait till there’s another dawn
Deep, deep and shallow
Images of self in the water that quivers
Beneath the deck
Of course, I’ve lived through it all
I’ve died many a time
The crinkling of my face
In the quiver of the water
I’ve lived through it, yes, too
I’ve seen seeds sprouting
And killed them in a whip
For want of life and more life
To survive this lonely self
I’ve said when I’ve said
And said when said not
This, my lonely self
Wound around my soul
A certain ugly ego
Not in the quiver of water
Not under the thirst of my song
Not under the smile of my face
Rests, shackled to the teeth
For which I do it all
And which takes it all
All that I desired
All that I deserved not
Yes, I’ve learned to live through it
Since dawn, leading to another dawn, hoping but
No way can I unlearn
This, my lonely, jealous, self


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