What we love

There is the nature of life that is constant. The same life in different colors, different ways of living and different are its stories. But it is the same live, we making it different. There’s no point in coming full circle with it. If doesn’t make sense if we run behind the same dream that most of us have called shallow, stupid, hollow. It’s not insane but unwise to make it work that doesn’t give you anything greater than what a beautiful kite flying in the sky may. It’s futile. It’s a marriage between a jewellery and a bird. It’s depressing. One doesn’t know how to make the better of the other. But what good is it if an ambition does you more good than flying a kite in a clear sky? It can’t be flown on a rainy day. Maybe it does you so much good, untold, unheard, yet undying good
Well, wish there was a way of knowing the true gains of your so called hard work. And also how it mattered to those who felt it.


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