Even when things are fixed

What stays, stays
What doesn’t, doesn’t
Changes aren’t sudden
It takes time to break
What was well kept once
Check in the mirror everyday
So you’re not surprised
To see a broken smile
One day
And want to break it, pull the mask down
See where it began
To break down
That day you regret being not around
The mirror
And neglecting
The tree well kept once, now broken down
It is a mockery
A stranger making fun
Of your spirit
Once held by you
Now held by that who broke it down
The worst is yet to come
When you begin to hate
The cause of your state
But was it a stranger
A stranger has not that power
Then who did it and when
You were tied always to dignity
Trying to hold your ground
And the mirror now says
That some things cracked underneath
Some things developed fissures
Some things might never repair
Even when many things are fixed


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