Two halves

A sigh after every move
Wait, it doesn’t work
Short-lived yells
Cries that I killed
It doesn’t work for this fellow
Said the fellow
I didn’t bother to look at it
The other half kept me going
Why aren’t they aware of each other’s plight
Why don’t they both reconcile
If they know their nature, my nature
If they know the fallen assortments
Disheveled when deprived
Of bond
They say they are for me
And yet the paths so different
One guides while the other has decided
Has pushed me through the doorway
Where I weigh the possibilities
Of the other path too
Well, you vulnerable halves of my heart
Why don’t you reconcile
Why don’t you team up
I am too tired to make it today
I am too broken to start
Now that I have walked both the paths
Halfway and ran away
Into my little den
Where I wish you reconcile
Or leave me just so alone
As everyone has


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