Petals in mud

Beguiled insouciant arithmetic
Petals coral orange purple
Leafing through
Made of baubles begonias pansies
Rising through the dust
The swell the bounce and the fall
Lotuses pink floating above the dirt
Release. Now that it cannot go with it
The begonias the pansies the azaleas
Look great not beautiful any more
Surmise this is not what I’d to arrive at
Even though I seem to
Seem such a betraying word
Push through the insides of the cloudy, surreal, deep sitting lotuses
Violets not fair now
Limbless mute motionless
Too soothing to make one think of the insides
Barrelling through skies the caws
The squeals the dark insides
The clumsy inner affair
The labyrinth of struggle
The netted veins
Look at that
Isn’t that where I need to arrive
Ought to
Such a scoundrel is the outside
Sitting above the clouds the pride the swell
Ought to fall
Like a crunched walnut
Crushed to ash like the sand in the beach
Isn’t this where I ought to start
Pushing through the insides once and always
Seeing it for what it is


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