Important Emails

In the gloomy afternoon, when most of us have had our lunch and are usually hanging our heads in distress and lethargy while fighting with sleep and there are noises called burps and snores, I saw an email popping up in my phone. It was on a personal email address that I keep for important communications. In case you wonder what rises up to the category, I use it for crappy contests I never win. Also, for making baseless notes.
All emails, yes all of them, are labeled important. My eyes dilated in hope when I unlocked the phone. The email shouted this: We are sorry to inform you that you haven’t won the so and so contest the winner of which will be awarded $100. The winner will be announced at 3pm, so stay tuned.
I did, despite my slo-mo, wrathful fortune. Half an hour later I had another inbox crying this out: Apologies for wrong information distributed in the previous email. The prize money is $150. Stay tuned…
This time the email wished me Happy participating!

Was there a slow applause in the background? No, I think it was an uproarious laughter. A dirty snicker, actually. Damn.


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