I do lose my mind

Perhaps you said that I’d lost my mind
You wonder why I don’t challenge it
Why would I challenge something true?
Of course, I lose my mind often
Of course, you’ve witnessed it more than once
There’s no denying facts
There’s not so much space as to fit my antics.
Histrionics, yes.
I don’t have a problem with you asking questions
But the question disturbs me
Why don’t you, for a moment, work on me
And wonder things other than this because
I did lose my mind
But it was for only some time


Those prescribed to you

Do you see how they prescribe you the things you don’t need
By making you want it so bad
When you leave the chair, you know you’d better been without it
It’s just effervescence you need not touch
You needed shells, and then people around you
They say
They also say you need some gold
More people, and few close ones
One at each place you suspect being problematic
One in that native, should you ever visit
A few these and those and specials
Only when you look away you see
You see, you left yourself
Far behind you’ve been dropped
While filming the prescribed list
Do you see you don’t need all that
Do you see they want you to need
Just so you want them when you don’t find the prescribed ones next to you
And you still don’t think you’d better have been without them?