If you think you’re really cool, here’s something about you

I envy those whom expensive things excite, who dream of wearing that logo only to flaunt it, who feel faking accents sets them apart (oh, yes its does), who think success is about driving that car or paying for that grand tag, who believe they are classy and have their own glittery definition of it, who look for shortcuts, who look for results and not learning. The wannabes who never stop shouting. 

I envy them because their dreams are small and shallow. They are the parasites who thrive on an uneducated living, which is not to say they haven’t been to school. They have read for money. They have read for status quo.

I feel sorry for them because they are soulless, materialistic and ignorant unless you spot one with some sense of intellect, selflessness or compassion because for most of them social responsibility is another logo, a way of getting spotted.

The frivolity, the keenness on achieving popularity, the lack of compassion, and to be utterly blunt the loss of good cultural influence in the presence of all that bling. I understand we encourage this. 

I am fierce in writing this. I am almost convinced that they won’t read this and I am upset about this. If they did, they’d know themselves right away.

Why on earth am I writing about it? It saddens me that we are overpopulated with so many poor examples. Guess I could bear one or two here and there but imagine these are going to spread! 


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