Just now

As I think of those countless times you mentioned me to people you met, of all the things in the world, your failure to forget mentioning me is what grips me. 

How easy it is for you to say a bit about me and how it weighs my heart down merely to think of all the times you could have forgotten me and it would have gone unnoticed.

photo by my friend who is fulfilling my obsession with capturing intricacies in leaves and branches of trees

10 times women thought they were feminists but they were not

Many women misunderstand the idea of feminism, usually overplaying it. Here are ten times they enraged me by being hypocrites while claiming to be feminists.

Read some cool, informative comics along. … 

1. …when they enjoyed reservation in college admissions but wanted a more educated partner.

Well, if you are equal, you shouldn’t need extra points for your gender.

by greatist.com

2. …when they asked for equality in remuneration at work but expected their partners to earn more.

This one makes me laugh. 

3. …when they acknowledged a housewife’s contribution to her family, were proud of being housewives but refused to take a “househusband” for a partner.

4. …when they married for money and better lifestyle but were critical of men who married for dowry.

We don’t want to create a situation where start the fight for equal rights again, this time for men.

5. …when they adorned cosmetics to create an illusion of what they were not, criticized fellow women for lacking fashion sense and suggested that women should not be judged by their looks.

6. …when they wanted their husbands to cook but forgot to make their sons learn this art.

7. …when they believed that women should be proud of their gender because they are more special (when compared to men) . (…while we have been despising male dominance.) 

8. …when they were the flag-bearers of the idea that there’s a woman behind every successful man, but they also wondered how a successful woman could ever be married to a mediocre man.

9. …when they didn’t want to be body-shamed for being fat (because they bear children) but they called fat men names.

10. …when they said that a boy should know math and that a girl had many career choices.

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Mumbai in deluge: ¬†helpline numbers here

Help available: 


Those stranded near masjidbander can move towards mahajanwadi. Accommodation available… 


Those stranded near Bandra , Khar  , Santacruz ,Mahim , Sea link … can move towards  * Trupti Bandra * at linking road near Amarsons  … Food , water and tea have been made available.

Please stay indoor. Pictures to scare you…stole one WhatsApp status. 

Psychology, not biology

To do anything

you must believe in it, and women

have always been made to believe that 

they are better at certain things than other,

which mostly means that theirs is an area 

already defined,

and hence we celebrate the first time a 

woman became anything that was not 

imposed on her as her usual thing. 


We should not be surprised that feminism is a 

label and not as common a word as ‘human’. 

the rain drowned my 

Upon seeing the wilted grass in the arid garden, 

I would dream of the rain, and craft a paper-boat, hoping there’d be puddles. 

I was in love with the rain, its strangeness, 

its heavy fall on the rooftop,

the lamp post bearing it all like a head bowed under the shower, 

the wind swaying the rain, the rain roaring in the night. 

Now that the rain was here, my paper-boat had drowned, and I had neither the energy nor the courage to make one again. It was my first. There’s no second,

not one that is equal or greater.