Many women want to be mothers. And why do they want to be mothers? So that they won’t be bored in their lives ahead. So that one wintry day when a stranger asks them about the well-being of their children, they don’t have to say they have none. Other reasons, preposterous enough, are that they don’t want to go to parties with an incomplete family and that they want to give their children what they couldn’t have. Sounds similar to why God created mankind. To make him the person he couldn’t be. The first reason sounds desperate and sane at the same time. It’s a free world and one must do everything in one’s capacity to experience the burden of joy and misery.

God does take care of his children. But not much is in his hands.

If there are other reasons, throw them at me so that I may have the pleasure of debunking them. I haven’t mentioned fathers but assume the same reasonings.

Clarice Lispector – The literary genius nobody reads

What angers me this morning is that Clarice Lispector is an underrated writer. She was a genius like no other. Her books are testimony to a mind that has flown away from the subjects and methods of writing yet discovered. I have never come across such philosophical analysis from the greatest of the writers I have read. That she is underrated is no surprise given that very few understand her stories. Very few ever will. Because college education was designed for survival not enlightenment. For what the world can praise will be limited to its capacity to comprehend.

This note that Caeton Veloso leaves for possible readers of Clarice is apt and brave.

The book is like any other book. But I would be happy if it were only read by people whose souls are already formed.

To me, for example, the character G.H. gave bit by bit a difficult joy; but it is called joy.

The sham that feminism is

Do not discourage a woman. Treat her like a man, and once she has become a man, discourage her.

Do not discourage a woman. Tell her she can do anything within the circumference of your ideologies.

Do not discourage a woman. Support her when she is fighting for womanhood. But if she is fighting like any other man, discourage her.

Do not discourage a woman. Support her cause because she has been neglected. Give her your voice. Because you are guilty, support her unconditionally.

Do not discourage a woman. The moment she leaves the skin of a female artist and becomes an artist, fill her nose with ash. Discourage her.

Do not discourage a woman. Especially when she is standing against a man. When she is standing against a woman. Discourage her.

Do not discourage a woman. Because a woman is a goddess. She cannot be without being both.

Do not discourage a woman. Discourage anything else in her.

A poem by Dushyant Kumar

We have no clear reason to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The lack of a suicide note leaves us all wondering whether it was one. In any case, he certainly commands good journalism and action from people. The public uproar on his being bullied and demoralized by his powerful colleagues, whose frivolous work is not good for us, reminds me of a poem by the late poet Dushyant Kumar. This is so relevant to any man’s fight against a threatening hegemony of the few.

I launched a new website


I launched a new website here. It’s called, where I have some of my works of fiction. These are very quick reads. I will be posting one every Sunday for the next two months. When I created this blog, I wished it to be a magazine so that I could collaborate with other writers and post their work, too. For some reasons, I found it too tasking, especially because I myself need time to write larger pieces of fiction. Then came the ghastly Corona, and here were are! Locked-down. Thankfully, we can all read.

Is Casteless India possible? Simply.

Modi could have done it overnight. Since Modi is the new father of India and his party has the majority in the Parliament, and since he has got the credibility, he simply could have done it.

RigVeda mentions Varna, not caste. Varna means social class, not caste. And even if it did?

Our society is already weary of caste. Especially the youth and those who are underprivileged simply because of the caste they were born into.

Think of this!
We have classification based on economic backgrounds. For example, we have blue and white collar jobs. In most corporate offices, while eating, those in uniforms do not share the same space as those not in uniforms.
So now the perils of capitalism? Only man could have thought of classifying himself.