Remember where we grew up?

Do you remember the land was once sullen

without hope and barren

with no water, where we had once grown tired trying to plant marigolds and spilled gallons full of water,

we see weeds growing today without an effort made?

No one and nobody could stop.


Of my childhood, of my chaos

Of children, I wonder.

Of children who are tired of their own weightlessness

And wonder when they will become new bodies

That house mightier minds that change

A lot in a very little time.


By now I have realised that my mind keeps wandering so much that I cannot afford external chaos. By this I mean that more than one thing going on outside my mind, the physical world that is, is too much for me. I read too many books at a time, too many ideas and concepts. I begin with one thought/possibly idea and arrive at a new one, which in turn leads me to a new one. I also attend to each thought by researching on it, recording it whenever possible. This never ends, and hence, sleep is a divine intervention in my daily life.

My mind just does not quit. It is so overwhelming and overpowering that everything happening outside the mind is tasking. It bears down on me to go on with the needs of a normal day like eating, organizing work, remembering to book tickets and pay the bills, all of which seem to interfere with the normal functioning and the freedom of my mind. My mind seems rebelliosly free and shackled at the same time.

Turns out this is normal. And the complaint is, why?

Do not accept the world

I am vexed, worried, troubled and disturbed seeing #democracy unsafe in the hands of the ruler. It is not understandable to me that we do not value #freedom just because we are not the generation that fought for it, or we blur our eyes on any attack on it. It shivers me that we are affected only by heavy taxation, bad roads and inflation when the stakes are so high. The most basic of rights is being snatched away from us.
If we do not make any effort to fact-check and make our own people aware, who will? There is no opposition, so we must now play its role. If there could have been any opportunity to be #patriots, then it is here. And it is to be kept alive amid the herd-chant that is misleading those who are romantic about the ruler and his man ki baat–who solely reserves the right to do so. #Journalism #freedomofspeech